OPTIEM – Oulu Presents The Industrial Engineering and Management

Optiem is a student organization that consists of Industrial Engineering and Management students in the University of Oulu. The guild is for the students and its’ goal is to help students with study related topics and organize events to balance studies with social life. Below you can find useful links and if you have any questions, you can be in contact with our guild’s international manager shown here.

Kukka Heikkinen

ESN – Erasmus Student Network

Experience from international student Ammar about ESN

I landed in Oulu in August 2016, a week before my orientation. I was roaming around the campus and saw many posters of ‘Join ESN’ and other material with ESN promotions. In orientation, there was a presentation by student organizations and then I knew I should be a part of ESN. I got my ESN card, which gives me discounts in many places and free privileged entry in ESN nights and parties.

I was enjoying the ESN experience, and trust me ESN is just not for exchange students. It is for everyone, whether you are a Finnish student, or international or exchange, you can go to ESN events and have fun. This was what I was doing and then one day I decided, I have many ideas, why shouldn’t I join it and maybe contribute more.

I talked to the vice president of ESN via email, and explained my interest and they welcomed with open arms. I was called an ‘Active Member’ like other 30 students who voluntarily worked for ESN. Since becoming an active, I have volunteered when I liked, never disturbing by schedule, met new people and learned whole lot of new things. Things which were not there in any curriculum, multi-cultural leadership, voluntary experience, time management and how to have fun.

I am now a Board Member in ESN Oulu, and will be working as a Project Coordinator for the year 2017. But in this 4 months of my time in ESN, I have gained/learned/experienced these things:

1. Learned about Finnish customs/traditions. e.g. Pula Baking, Sit Sit parties, Ice Hole Swimming

2. Travelled with so much diverse and international students. e.g. trip to IKEA, Stockholm.

3. Established a sense of working in with people with different cultures, different values. e.g. ESN team which is of more than 15 nationalities.

4. Made new friends, and trust me you need to do so when you come to a new place. You won’t feel weird going to a party, because there will always be someone you can hangout with and have fun. We use to have great socializers, once in a month with great food, movie night and getting to know each other.

So, it’s your choice whether you want to become a volunteer, enjoy, have ESN perks or just be a normal student and only enjoy. I liked the second part but trust me first part is so much more fun.

In ESN, you will always be compensated, appreciated and valued for your work. It is a nonprofit volunteer organization, but it has multiple partners, which gives you discounts, gift cards, vouchers and chance to travel to exciting destinations. 🙂

– Ammar